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“The good news about self-publishing is you get to do everything yourself. The bad news about self publishing is you get to do everything yourself.” - Lori Lesko

The better news is that I'm here to help!


Self-publishing your new book doesn't have to feel like pulling teeth. I'm a bookworm, millennial and digital-savvy publisher who wants to help you become part of the growing community of South African authors.

I do all the hard work so that you can focus on enjoying the process of becoming self-published.

Editing & proofreading

Cover design

Book interior layout

ISBN & barcoding

Amazon publishing

Although I offer all services as stand-alone options, it is well-advised that you select the complete package - for convenience, and adopting a holistic process toward your completed book.


As an author who chose the self-publishing route, it quickly became apparent to me that the technicalities of bringing a book to life needed different skills to that of a writer. With gratitude and relief, Sasha fulfilled all the roles I required. Her services provide a one stop shop where the covers of all my books were designed, layout created, and the books are fully managed in print and online versions. I entrust Sasha with full correspondence with all third parties and full access to any author accounts I have.

Outsourced services are also left up to her, with trusted service providers.

I simply get to write, and Sasha makes all the rest happen!


Market your book like a pro.

You've written your book. You've published it. Now let the world know.

Self-published authors can make between 40% to 70% royalties on a single book sale. This is far more than traditionally published authors who commonly make royalties between 10% to 12%.

Chat to me and my team of resources about putting together a long-term marketing plan to help you promote your book and create the best opportunity for sales.


 I worked with Sasha-Lee from August 2019 till Oct 2019. I wrote my book called, 'Losing my Hair.' Sasha-Lee designed my book cover. It was perfect. She also helped with the layout of my book. She loaded my book onto Amazon and also designed my website. Nothing was too much trouble for her. Sasha-Lee takes pride in her work and is a pleasure to work with.


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